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We understand what it means to your business – how it impacts your bottom line. And we have a proven system to get you the right solution as fast as possible.

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Our Emergency Response System (ERS) is exactly what it says it is – a system and a team of people who manage the process and communicate what you need to know … when you need to know it.

Within 24 hours of completing your emergency repair we send you photos of what was repaired. We also send you an estimate detailing what it will take to complete a permanent repair for your emergency problem.

Our business is built around getting you the information you need to get your business back to where it should be – fast and affordably.

Why Atlas-Apex Roofing?

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We've got you covered — Canada-wide coverage for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional roofing.

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Take advantage of our sophisticated digital technology to connect with us and receive detailed status reports.

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Learn how we do things with our professional-grade videos.

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