Atlas-Apex Roofing - Office In a highly competitive marketplace, Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. is able to offer commercial and office roofing solutions that are both affordable and time sensitive. Where keeping tenants and occupancy rates at optimum levels is paramount, Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. will offer quick turn around and a well organized process that keeps your tenants happy, keep costs down, and communicated throughout all your stakeholders.

Areas of focus
  • wind and weather
  • facility closure or partial closure, stoppage, interruption or work-around
  • impact of materials on staff and the public during application
  • liability
  • noise issues
  • interior protection of staff

Why Atlas-Apex Roofing?

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We've got you covered — Canada-wide coverage for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional roofing.

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Take advantage of our sophisticated digital technology to connect with us and receive detailed status reports.

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Learn how we do things with our professional-grade videos.

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