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We are the best in the business. That’s our story.
Atlas-Apex Roofing - Customer Service Walk into our offices and the first thing that comes to mind is that we don't look like a roofing company.

Talk to any of our staff and you won’t feel like you’re talking to a roofing company.

That’s because we aren’t like any other roofing company in the world.

The people at Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. enjoy coming to work. The fact they like coming to work translates to the way we interact with customers. And no one goes to the extremes that we do to deliver value to our customers.

We constantly keep our employees ahead of the curve when it comes to training and safety issues. In fact, we deploy a safety representative on each and every job. And we implemented a Fall Arrest Program before it was mandatory. It’s things like that that make us different.

Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc. is the only roofing company in Canada to carry 50 million dollars worth of General Liability Insurance. It’s a commitment to give everyone better peace of mind on the job.

Why Atlas-Apex Roofing?

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We've got you covered — Canada-wide coverage for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional roofing.

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Take advantage of our sophisticated digital technology to connect with us and receive detailed status reports.

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Learn how we do things with our professional-grade videos.

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